Who We Are

Leadership, Quality & Communication



When you sign on with us, we will be with you throughout your home remodel project, making sure your design build team is always on the same page, that expectations are clearly understood and that you are getting the best out of your budget.

Chris Ellard


Chris loves making things with his hands, but shortly after starting his career in construction and construction management he found himself most interested in the relationships he had with his clients, and leading the process that would turn their dreams of customizing their home into a reality.

Home remodels and custom builds are a significant experience in life and rather complex undertakings. Chris knows that homeowners desire a liaison who can streamline the process, minimize the stress and maximize joy. Between years of contracting experience and a honed talent for clear and concise communication, he is able to smoothly manage home renovation projects, no matter the scale. Clients often tell Chris that he has an empathetic and intuitive sense about their needs. He lives by the philosophy that “there are no problems, only solutions.”

Chris built Tombo with the customer in mind, using online cloud-based communication and management tools as a proactive means to create a process that is transparent and always available for clients’ access.