Who We Are

Leadership, Quality & Communication



When you sign on with us, we will be with you throughout your home remodel project, making sure your design build team is always on the same page, that expectations are clearly understood and that you are getting the best out of your budget.

Chris Ellard


Chris loves making things with his hands, but shortly after starting his career in construction and construction management he found himself most interested in the relationships he had with his clients, and leading the process that would turn their dreams of customizing their home into a reality.

Home remodels and custom builds are a significant experience in life and rather complex undertakings. Chris knows that homeowners desire a liaison who can streamline the process, minimize the stress and maximize joy. Between years of contracting experience and a honed talent for clear and concise communication, he is able to smoothly manage home renovation projects, no matter the scale. Clients often tell Chris that he has an empathetic and intuitive sense about their needs. He lives by the philosophy that “there are no problems, only solutions.”

Chris built Tombo with the customer in mind, using online cloud-based communication and management tools as a proactive means to create a process that is transparent and always available for clients’ access.


Adrian Walter

Interim Project Manager

Adrian comes to Tombo with an extensive background in construction project management, with an emphasis on process design and integration.  His high level of communication is invaluable in the design phase of clients’ projects, from estimating and tracking project cost through execution and implementation. Adrian focuses on rolling out projects on schedule and on budget, as efficiently as possible.

Suzanne Tiedeman

Business Manager

Suzanne brings to Tombo’s accounting department 20 years of experience in operations and finance. Having been through the major remodel process on her own home, she has the point of view of Tombo’s clients in mind.  With her friendly demeanor and can-do attitude, Suzanne ensures that clients understand their invoices, and efficiently gets their billing questions answered.

Bill Lefever

Production Manager

Bill is Tombo’s foreman carpenter and supervisor of all ongoing construction, bringing his vast experience and over 30 years of construction problem-solving to every project.  Bill makes sure that jobs stay on track and clients are regularly communicated with about their project’s schedule.  His direct reports describe him as hardworking, attentive, honest, solution-oriented, and a master craftsman.


Clint Ceder

Lead Carpenter

Tombo’s masterful finisher, Clint enjoys meeting every client as he spends time in their home making every last detail look right.  Clint’s forte is not only excellence from frame to finish, but is in that last 10%, making sure everything is flawless at the end of every project.  Clients’ homes are left in perfection thanks to Clint.


Wes Rogers

Lead Carpenter

Wes is a thorough, conscientious carpenter, from framing to finish.  To the construction site he offers fierce attention to detail and organization in everything he does.  He thrives in relationships with both clients and co-workers, focusing on making sure homeowners receive the service they expect.  

David Cleeton


David brings focus, attention to detail, and determination to get the job done, striving for perfection to give Tombo’s clients a quality end product.  For him, happy homeowners is what it’s all about, and it shows in his relationships with clients and co-workers.


Charles Okoro

Kitchen Installation Specialist

Charles likes making sure things are done before deadline, creating processes as he goes to make the job easier. His goal is great quality in every job.

Juliano Nunes

Apprentice Carpenter/Inspirational Recycler

Juliano, with his friendly demeanor, can be found efficiently moving projects forward, from demo and carpentry through finish, adapting to what’s needed and learning quickly in the moment.  He makes sure the debris from all jobsites is disposed of in the most economical and ecological manner, leaving each client’s home thoroughly cleaned up at day’s end.


Amanda Byrd

HR & Marketing Director

Amanda supports the workings of Tombo from behind the scenes, making sure employees have what they need, from info on health insurance to tech support. She also enjoys getting creative in collaboration with Tombo’s web designer, assuring that perusing Tombo’s website is easy and pleasurable.

Oni & Stella

Oni - Security Guard & Morale Officer
Stella - Director of Enthusiasm

Oni and Stella are Tombo’s loyal givers of unconditional love and companionship.  They spend their days gnawing on their office bones and napping, and are always ready for a treat.